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August 09, 2007


Sherry Gossman

We didn't actually copy the dollar bill -I just googled it and it came up. Just trying to help out with the budget crunch John.

Eric Bramlett

Also- we had always planned to do the communion moment from the Phillipines. But Dave (and Tom) forgot to film it, and in the interest of fiscal responsibility, we elected not to fly back to get the footage.


Good thing we have David or we would have had to use budget money to bail you guys out of jail.

Bill Carroll

This is my new favorite blog! Remember that one time.. when Sherry Gossman got arrested for counterfeiting... that was AWESOME!

Cliff Parrish

It was pretty obvious that the communion moment was not in the Philippines as it was way too quite. Without rosters roosting and Filipino's singing karaoke in the background, I immediately lost the authentic communion moment.

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