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July 31, 2007



Thanks John! Now I don't have to go scouring the Community Connections for the hidden date of the picnic. I thought maybe it was in secret code. I will no longer hold my breath for the picnic where my husband and I play "pastor bingo" by trying to spot all the pastors first. Bonus points when you find more than one pastor talking together.


John, Thanks for this.

It's a good reminder for me personally...

not to go to a picnic that won't be happening

but also

that I need to cage my lion more...



lots--a whole lots--more

I have golden retriever friends that would be happy to provide the cage--


I don't think of you as "the bearer of bad news" John.
To me, you are "The Beaver of Bad News!"


You could suggest to CCC attenders to crash other churches' picnics. All the fun, none of the expense.


what's the matter? did we discourage you from ever being the uber beaver blogger again?



That's it!!

I'm going on a vegetable fast until you blog again!!

(Sorry, Bill--that's an idea that I won't let die)

Mary Yep

I'm proud to belong to a church that does not live beyond its means. Everyone at some time or another has to tighten their belt and suck it up! I'll have my hotdog on the grill at home and think of all the money we are saving. Here's to CCC!


You have been in the blogosphere for a week now, I think it is time to change up the ole typepad template. This one is already looking worn out.


Actually, I think we had a great picnic yesterday at Bardwell! It was awesome to see many people giving to the community! (And it was 50% Ferguson Free)

eric metcalf

i keep coming back for more - it's like eonline - i need more behind the scenes info!

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